Strategic Design

Strategic Design

What is Strategic Design?

Strategy based design called "Strategic Design". Its also called calculated design.
Wider view: goal oriented, audience centric design principle that generates business expectations. There are many facts play significant role in this design language; some of them are human visual psychology, color theory, image selection, typography, buy-ology, Marketing & Advertisement theory, brand message and obviously User experience.

Does design really matter?

Watch out this video to know How a sophisticated product packet or label can influence brain's judgement function. And all these things happen unconsciously.

Stacy Kaiser -Psychotherapist
When we see a packet or label that looks like its a sophisticated product; pressure build in us to follow what we think that packet is telling us

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Design according to pre-predicted expectations, actions & reactions of audience

According to Northeastern University network scientists research report in Science Magazine 2010; Human behavior, action & reaction are 93 percent predictable. As a result; its influenceable too.
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Color impact & association with the audience.

Colors are more than what they just appear to the eye. Colors tend to create an impact that is long lasting. Psychologists and designers agree that colors affect the way in which a user responds to a page, and participate in affecting the user’s intentions of purchase. A large number of studies and articles have come up regarding the color theory.
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Typography is often overlooked, but the fact is web Design is 92% Typography.
  • The chosen typeface can alter visitors perceptions.
  • Different typeface has different impact
  • The Correct Type Builds trust.
  • Type Enhances Readability.
  • Secondary Typefaces Matter.
  • Type Size Makes an Impact too. 
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Choosing the right Photo.

Mike Parkinson
founder of Billion Dollar Graphics
Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than reading text
Images trigger an almost instantaneous response when visitors encounter them. Photos are the primary visuals of first impression.
Great designers treat photos as content; after all its all about a business related to "Retina".

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Principles & theories

  • Advertising psychology 
  • Freud theory 
  • Buy-ology 
  • Visual Hierarchy 
  • Divine Proportions 
  • Hick’s Law 
  • Fitt’s Law 
  • Rule of Thirds 
  • Gestalt Design Laws 
  • Occam’s Razor 
  • Restorff Effect 
  • Subliminal Messaging

Core expectations.

Beautiful, eye catching industry-leading, Cutting-Edge Landing Page, that is not only beautiful but designed to CONVERTS!

Intelligent design based on the best of the world as well as incorporating the industry's best practices with the user in mind so it can increase conversion rates.

An evil plan, that plan is to make sure the person who ends up on that page is immediately drawn to act. And the call to action is conveniently placed in the right place and all the content areas is not only setup to convert but it's also setup to provide educational info and add value.