What is JavaScript Obfuscation?

It is the process which methodically transforms JavaScript codes by re-arranging it into to a more complex or in an equivalently similar format which becomes virtually difficult to understand and hard to get it reverse engineered. As JavaScript codes can be viewed easily, the JavaScript Obfuscation prevents anyone from stealing or modifying your codes as it also shrinks the codes which significantly give a faster execution and download time compatible with any Web browser.

Obfuscation in Client-Side Scripting:

As Client-Side Scripting involves user’s computer over the internet and directly runs through the browser. It’s an open ground for hackers and can easily copy your codes as there is less security to home base networks. This is where obfuscations come handy. It changes the source codes drastically while keeping the functionality of the codes unchanged. These obfuscated codes are impossible to reverse- engineer and extremely difficult to understand. We provide you JavaScript Obfuscation which also comes along with minification of your script which removes the unnecessary spaces, which reduces the amount of data sent across the network. The minified script and obfuscated algorithms makes the Script’s execution fast, protected and optimized.

We are in an era these days where you are bound to see something written out of JavaScript or at least a part of it. JavaScript can be easily incorporated and its usage seem multifaceted in all grounds that make it a huge potential booster for any institutional or commercial standpoint. Although this simplicity through JavaScript also opens significant risks of protection and vulnerability to one’s codes being tempered or hacked and other being to protect you from an entrepreneurial or proprietary standpoint. Traditionally we tend to store as much as codes we possibly can via server-side hosting but at the same time we are forcing the internet connection and it is not feasible if we are developing an application that we want to work offline. This is where JavaScript Obfuscation comes to play when it concerns a faster, more secure execution of your Script.

Boosted Protection

Most developer believe that protecting of client side JavaScript source code is not possible, but our unique algorithm make it possible to Obfuscate your source code in such a way so it becomes impossible to reverse engineered. 

Speed and Performance

After the obfuscating process 9 kb file becomes 15kb in size. Its possible to reduce again by using GZIP. Sending the JS file through GZIP the Obfuscated code of 15KB becomes near about 9KB again.

Impossible to tamper

There are dozen of de-obfuscating tools available in the market, but none of them have been able to decode our obfuscated code so far. 
We have tested with Firebug, Chrome, Firefox Dev tool, but same result.

Low cost solution

No yearly, quarterly or monthly subscription, no Credit card, no billing. Only pay when you need it @ per file basis, which is only 12 US Dollar. But right now its FREE for this whole month.

Any browser any Device

Due to the cutting edge transformations the final output code are widely accepted & it supports any browser and any device. 

Strong Locking

Lock down your Source code based on Domain lock, IP lock, Time lock or any other kind of validation algorithm, so you get the maximum profit from your intellectual property.